Material Staged in Carol Sills’ Story Theater Workshops, 2008-2016

(All from Grimm’s unless otherwise noted.)

2016 Wisconsin (with Neva and Rachel Sills)

Mother Goose Rhymes

The Storyteller at Fault (Joseph Jacobs’ Celtic Fairy Tails)

2015 Wisconsin (with Neva Sills)

From Joseph Jacobs’ English Fairy Tales:

The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heaugh

The Magpie’s Nest

Childe Rowland

2014 Wisconsin

Mother Goose Rhymes

The Three Fish (Rumi)

Thrym’s Poem (Poetic Edda)

Woman Who Wanted to Learn the Language of Animals (Rumi)

2013 Wisconsin (with Rachel Sills)

Mother Goose Rhymes

Red Hanrahan’s Curse (Yeats)

The Sprightly Tailor (English)

2013 Los Angeles (with Aretha Sills)

The Priest’s Sleeve (Chinese Ghost & Love Stories)

Mother Goose Rhymes

The Little Peasant

2012 Wisconsin (with Rachel Sills)

The Raven

The Thimble (Rilke)

2011 Wisconsin (with Rachel Sills)

The Blue Light

Whitebrow (Chekhov)

2009 Wisconsin (with Neva Sills)

All Three of Us

Phaeton (Ovid)

Mouse, Bird & Sausage

2008 Los Angeles (with Paul Sills)

The Goose Girl

Devil with Three Golden Hairs

2008 Wisconsin (with Neva Sills)

The Vulgar Crew

Devil With Three Golden Hairs

Straw, Coal & Bean

2 thoughts on “Material Staged in Carol Sills’ Story Theater Workshops, 2008-2016

  1. I studied with Paul the master decades ago at the improv club in Los Angeles for a time. I’m trying to remember a few of the story theater exercises we played for a beginner class
    Can you refresh my memory? Great work you’re doing. Thanks for sharing from the profound pool of improv intelligence

    1. Dear Melanie, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your memories with us! All the exercises Paul did in workshop can be found in Viola Spolin’s Improvisation for the Theater, 3rd edition, which is still in print and available online or in stores. It’s a good bet you played Mirror, Who Am I?, and Transformation of Relationship, among other games!

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