Los Angeles Story Theater Intensive Starting in January 2013

with Carol Bleackley Sills    Saturdays, January 12 to February 9

Five workshops, 25 hours.    Subud main floor studio,  Wilshire & Stanley.    Saturdays, 11 am to 5 pm, with break for lunch

Story Theater is a form evolved by Paul Sills that allows the transformation of stories or literature into onstage contemporary performance. The curriculum of this intensive was created by Paul and Carol in a workshop conducted with professionals in Los Angeles in 2008.  Over a five week period, the intensive includes the group adaptation of stories during a rehearsal process that leads to performance. The approach emphasizes strong creative experience through the playing of Spolin theater games. While spontaneously involving all members of the group, this work brings delight and satisfaction into rehearsals and learning. Carol will be assisted by daughter Aretha Sills.

Actors, theater students, teachers, directors and other players are welcome to attend. Tuition $500
To register, and for details contact Carol:


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