Spolin Theater Game Workshop in LA Starting March 21

Out of the head and into the space with Viola Spolin’s Theater Games!  

Side-coach Aretha Sills invites actors, improvisors, teachers, directors, and other players to attend a 10-week workshop in the improvisational theater games of Viola Spolin, Wednesday nights beginning March 21. This class is open to and suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced performers.

Based on Spolin’s seminal text Improvisation for the Theater, from a lesson plan created by director Paul Sills, the workshop is designed to bring a spirit of spontaneity and play to your work.

Aretha Sills is the granddaughter of Viola Spolin. She studied theater games for many years with her father, director Paul Sills, and has taught at Paul Sills’ Wisconsin Theater Game Center, Bard College Cabaret, Bay Area Theatresports, and privately in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Quotes about the workshop:
“Aretha is dedicated to preserving the pureness of this technique, which from my point of view assists the actor to find the courage to find themself and then to fly. I believe she has, innately and amazingly, all the elements of the technique of both Viola Spolin and Viola’s son, the extraordinary director, Paul Sills. I have studied with Aretha, and believe me, the thrill lives on.”  – Paul Sand, Tony-award winner, Paul Sills’ Story Theater; Original Second City cast member


“Aretha Sills, carrying on the work of Spolin and Sills, is an amazing, insightful side-coach and teacher. We were fortunate enough to take a workshop in L.A. with her and it helped us reconnect with theater game work on a deeper level. She knows her stuff. Can’t wait to work with her again!”  – Deb Lacusta & Dan Castellaneta, The Simpsons, actor & writers


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